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Virtual Staging AI

By Michael, Mikhail, & Erkam, this app lets you... take a picture of your room and have it organized. A very realistic AI generation.

Mail App

By Alex Marc, this app lets you... receive live notifications from your TUM mail via a mobile app. Android version is launching in March.

White Pawn

By Khadim Fall, this app lets you... bring the digital world to your real Chess Board. Play against engines or challenge friends online, free and without any registration.


By Niklas Urchs. this app lets you discover restaurants, cafés, delicatessens and businesses now and save money with vouchers.


By Yagmur Ay, this app lets you develop ML pipelines that deploy on any MLOps stack without changing your code or getting locked in!


By Josh Pusch, this app lets you summarize information for TUM students with an unofficial, cross platform campus app.


By David Podolskyi, this app lets you... automate data cleaning so that the data scientist can focus on what is important.

FAST AI movies

By Florian Scherl and Philipp Gabriel, this app lets you generate personalized E-Learnings by transforming existing documentation into interactive formats within minutes.


By Maksym Bondarenko, this app lets you assist those who feel unsafe while moving around a new city alone by warning about unsafe areas and places.


By Moritz Thüning, this app lets you... Satoshi Nakamoto.


By Johannes Pahle, this app lets you... play 🍺
BeerPong and have rounds and statistics + a random tournament generator.

Weather App

By Nicolas Theodarus, this app lets you know the weather in any city across the globe.

Nader Bennour

By Nader Bennour, this app lets you... get in touch with the best creative developer on campus.


By Milan Cupać, this app lets you... provide an easy and effective way to communicate with deaf individuals.


By Samuel Scheit, this app lets you... (check out the projects section).


By Nils Reichardt, this app lets you... organize together content, such as homework, instead of using a flash.


By Hoda Hamdy, a freelancing platform to help artists & beauty-service seekers connect and manage bookings through an appointment system.

Train Scheduler

By Hoda Hamdy, this app lets you... schedule trains to use shortest paths of the available railway lines to reach their destinations and minimize the total tardiness.

Santorini App

By Hamza Haddaoui, this app lets you... play a Java based app of the Santorini board game produced by Cranio Creations.


By Sebastian Fritsch, this app lets you... perform smart contract audits, security research, pen-tests and trainings for your IT systems.

Group Status

By Florian Hoppe, this app lets you... eliminate group coordination hassles. Set individual statuses, and the app notifies everyone when the group is ready.


By Henry He, this app lets you... convert news articles into engaging Instagram stories, enabling quick sharing of web content in a visually appealing format.


By Lachezar Marinov, this app lets you... find menu's across campus. Find the place, where you can find daily menus for student meals in Munich.


By Lachezar Marinov, this app lets you... donate online to charity.


By Philipp Zagar, this app lets you... develop digital health applications based on modules that exchange data using health data standards such as HL7® FHIR®.


By Mikhail Azaryan, this app lets you... have a One-stop Access to Decentralized Microfinance. Borrow coins to fuel your growth on MicroEther's liquidity pool🌍


By Philipp Zagar, this app lets you... you guessed it.
Do Elon type shit. 🇿🇦


By Josh Lenoch, this app lets you... have one dope ass freelancer in Munich🌍

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By , this app lets you...


By , this app lets you...



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